A message from Daisy :- To Auntie Vivien and Uncle Chuck My Mummy has asked me to write you a letter, to say thank you both; just 'cause no-one is better, to take me for walks, whilst she's out making money, for all of the food that I put in my tummy! I wake up real early and I go for a walk, then in with I Mummy I go to the shop, to wait 'til half ten for my fab Uncle Chuck, for our great forest walk and I never am stuck, 'cause all of my friends are there waiting for me, a happier wee dog, you'll just never see. Thank you and love you both sooooo much, Daisy x x x

Dawn Robson, Blooms Florist owner of Daisy

Thank you so much, Vivien, from both of us and, especially, Tess. You have been a Godsend to us and we have so much appreciated all you've done for Tess. You are one of her favourite friends, being so kind and also so much fun. Thank you!

Linda and Darrin, Dumfries owner of Tess

I don't know how I managed before Vivien. The dogs love her and I love knowing that they are getting a proper walk, exercise and fun, while I am at work. An excellent service at excellent rates. Thank you Vivien!

Moira, Dumfries owner of Lulu and Tal

a wee note from banner. looking forward to having you stay, next month, when mum and dad go away for the weekend. i dont settle in kennels, now that max isnt here to keep me company. i miss him but vivien gives me lots of love. love and wet nose kisses..... banner.

margaret ross, terregles, dumfries owner of banner, and max, in doggy heaven.

Dear Vivien & Dayna At long last my mum has got round to thank you for looking after uswhen she was away on holiday, my brothers and I got introduced to you both a few times before you came to stay and we all loved you both from the start ( My mum says that was the best recommdation she could get as she seen the way we all took to you.) When you stayed I just loved the attentionyou gave me I did resent the attention you gave my brothers or should I say my step brothers as they are cats, mum and you both seem to think they need the same attention I don't cause I am the biggest, I suppose I have to share you both with them. I loved getting the head massages in the morning mum does'nt even do that with me. Mum is thinking of going away again we don't mind as she has told us it will be you and Dayna that will be coming to stay so we are all looking forward to you coming, mum also says how nice it is to know that we are in our own environment and not having to be put in cages in some kennel. Mum says she and dad now go away on holiday happy knowing that we are all being looked after so well she also says how nice it is to come home and the house is spotless. Mum has absolutely no doubt in strongly recommending you both to anyone who wants their pets looked after although I would rather keep it quiet as you are my Dayna and Vivien All our sloppy kisses Bruno woof Gizmo purr Satchmo purr

Dilys, owner of Bruno,Gizmo,Satchmo

Waggytails pet service is excellent, not only Vivien & Dayna take Kel for forest walks they also have a good rapport with Kel in her own home. This makes life easier for me to go on holiday, and also at the last minute am able to make immediate arrangements to go away for weekends.This is an excellent alternative to kennels.

june carroll, Dumfries owner of Kel

Vivien and Dayna have been a real godsend , looking after Ava since she was only 10 weeks old. Ava is a well-balanced , sociable Rottweiler and Vivien and Dayna have played a large part in this. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending the 'Waggytails' service to anyone . Susan and Ava

Susan, Dumfries owner of Ava

We have a cat and dog both are particular about whom they share themselves with. Vivien and Dayna were excellent in the way they listened to our comments regarding the pets behaviour and how they took care of them in our absence both the animals looked forward to it. We have used the services of Waggytails before and would certainly recommend them to anyone else. Anne

Anne A Simm, Collin owner of Rory/Spartacus

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Vivien, Dumfries owner of Brandon

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